Can you become Salman Dabangg Khan?

September 12, 2010

So you’ve seen Dabangg. Or waiting in the queue for tickets? Anyways, it looks like a very simple formula. Sallu could be our Virendra Sehwag of Bollywood. Sehwag on how he figured a complicated ball, “Ball balle par aa rahi thi, main maar di” and Salman on how he did a difficult scene in HDDCS , “I just did it like that and it got shot”. I mean what is the big deal. You can do it! Here is how.

So you think now you can be Salman Dabangg Khan too? Fooled ya! 😀


Pink Floyd says hello to Dilbert

August 15, 2010

A very different jellybean this time. Listened to this track recently for the nth time and thought that it would be so apt even in the corporate world. So here it goes. A few laughs to beat the Monday blues. Enjoy 🙂

Vol 2

March 28, 2010

Hey there… been so long. Was travelling far and wide on weekends and was sketching at the airport lobby at 6 a.m. (Using the spare hand to hide the sheet from curious eyeballs. Makes me conscious, you see.)

Reread Asimov’s I, Robot and Rest of the Robots yesterday after some 10 years. Had forgotten it all. But I guess, Robbie must have stayed in my sub conscious mind all these years.

– GS





And that’s how it all begins.

March 8, 2010

To losers: Don’t patronize me just because I have a comic and you don’t. Bugger off to your Chacha Chaudhary. Scoot. Now.

To the rest of you: Cool. Crappy. Let me know. Share if you feel like. If you liked it, come back for more. Another strip of Jellybeans should be up by next Sunday.

– G.S.